Msf dating does mean

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There is obviously a requirement to provide two email addresses – one for the friend, one for the user – though someone could easily provide two email addresses himself and write his own friend recommendation, if he were so inclined.

Value for Money (Paid Services) – 8/10 Ignoring the lack of an app, the actual paid aspects of the site were really good.

It is a really nice touch which sets apart MSF from other sites.

Site Layout – 10/10 The site has a very user-friendly layout.

Height, place of residence, place of work, religion, smoking, drinking education, employment status, profession, build etc.

It also tells you who added the user, and then obviously has sections written by both the user and his or her friend.

The issue I had with the free services, is that it’s impossible to tell if someone is a paid-up member or not.

So even once you’ve paid for membership and are able to email people, you don’t know if they can actually read the message you sent them or not.

Number of Options – 5/10 To be honest, this was actually the biggest stumbling block of the entire site.The two-fold description can add a different angle to the profile, though it’s unlikely to be too negative by the very nature of the site.User Verification – 5/10 No specific background checks, though I doubt the site is likely to attract too many frauds – it genuinely seems a serious dating website full of people who know what they’re looking for.Firstly you fill out basic details about yourself and choose photos.There are a range of questions which your friend can answer about you, and some either/or options (some of them rather odd, and perhaps not all that enlightening!

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