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Around midnight the DJ takes over and the transition from retail parking lot to dance floor is complete.

Dance under the stars to local mega hits like Kigeugeu, or Nigeria’s notorious Ashawo.

I’VE LIVED IN MOMBASA for almost five years, working with non-profit organizations.

When I need to tear up the dance floor, or my husband needs his Tusker beer fix, these are the clubs we go to.

If you’re lucky, a group might ask you to join their table.

The warm-up act is a local band, serenading the crowd on the sidewalk with some laid-back soft rock.

Sunday is beach day for the locals who skip church, and after a day in the sun, the crowd moves into Big Tree and creates a booming Sunday night.

The dance floor is packed with hyper, barefooted Kenyans getting their groove on to the latest hits in the country and worldwide.

I tend to steer clear of asking anyone to dance, so I can avoid the awkwardness of trying to figure out when the song ends and it’s appropriate to go sit down.

A man and women walk passed one of the filthy water channels in Ki-Mombasa slum in Bwaise, a Kampala suburb.

Ki-Mombasa is infamously known as a home to prostitutes where at any time of day or night clients can get sex for as low as 1,000 shillings.

If eye contact and winking don’t work, expect an opener along the lines of, “You look a little lonely over there, big guy, shall I join you?

” And if that doesn’t get your attention, the next stage is full-on booty insertion and body-grinding in your personal space. There are plenty of young beach boys with Bob Marley dread locks just waiting to make you feel like the most precious gem along the Indian Ocean.

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