Minister dating

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We can serve the pastor in this capacity in a number of ways.

Prayer team The church can form a prayer team dedicated to lifting up the pastor and his family.

Prayer partner One real difficulty for pastors can be summed up in this question: Who serves as confessor for the confessor?

A pastor is trained and equipped to serve his congregation in a variety of ways, but he is not always able to find someone to minister to him in the same way.

They picture their pastor as the white knight who is not tempted by earthly things.

A church body has a definite interest in keeping its pastor from falling into sexual sin, but its focus should go beyond preventing a moral failing to addressing the total care of the pastor’s emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.

This article details some of the ways pastors and churches can work together to safeguard and support the shepherd of the flock.

These steps are not meant to be seen as a punishment or as a leash, but rather efforts born of compassion and understanding for real temptations and struggles.

It is also important for churches to work with the pastor to establish any of these guidelines.

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