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You'll also begin using the Tracking Gantt and filters to automatically identify slipping tasks, and you’ll look at the basics of variance analysis by discussing the Start and Finish Date, Resources, and Work Variance Tables.

Then, go over a representative sample of the standard reports as well as discuss how to modify and create new reports.

It was highly informative, practical, and written in a way that I could understand with no prior business or project management degree.

Makes me want to learn more about project management and possibly sign up for some more classes. I enjoyed the little videos he had to make sure I was on track when completing the lessons.

In this lesson, you'll delve into printing Microsoft Project documents.

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Building a good plan is not nearly as hard as keeping that plan on track after reality sets in and starts taking your wonderful plan apart.

In this lesson, you'll find out how to apply two types of Project resources—work resources, and material resources.

Then, get a brief overview of cost accounting, exploring fixed, variable, relevant, and accrued costs.

He would always answer any questions within 24 hours, which helped to make sure I could get the lessons completed on time.

Would definitely recommend taking one of his courses.

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