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So maybe the next thing I’ll do is work on the autobiography. And I love that venue Concorde 2, right on the beach, it’s so cool.

You’ve also admitted to how much you like English fish and chips, is that what you’ll be doing in Brighton?

Mr Woods said he wanted it to be an "open" place like the Australian embassy, where survivors can watch."It has to be somewhere where he's not in control, his lawyers are not in control, and that way he will actually be pushed to give better answers than the usual 'I can't remember'," he said."We want to see a candidness that we haven't seen before with Cardinal Pell. Comedian and musician Tim Minchin has released a song calling on Cardinal Pell to come back to Australia, with all proceeds going to the Go Fund Me campaign.

The song, titled Come Home (Cardinal Pell), had been viewed more than 100,000 times on You Tube by Wednesday afternoon."You're a coward, Georgie, come and face the music," Minchin sings.

They were different parts of the eyeball and since we were visual — we were already doing these costumes and characters such as the cowboy or Carmen Miranda — that seemed to fit. That we were open enough to make fun of our culture and it kind of struck home, especially with the girls.

Back then, the tube or boom tube was slang for television and we thought that’s would be good because we’re visual and we want to be on TV. Indeed back in the day, I remember seeing you in that costume at the Hammersmith Odeon. And also because of our sarcastic portrayal of American society. The first dancers we hired were strippers and they thought nothing of taking their tops off.

Some people of course forget that the UK was where it all started for you. That was fine for San Francisco, but when you go out to Kansas that wasn’t so cool! Fee: We got banned in the South, we got banned in the Mid-West, we got banned all over the place.

Indeed someone famously remarked about the only the thing The Tubes didn’t do was sell a lot of records.

Indeed, their last studio album was released way back in 1996.

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