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Note, however, that employers should be ready to articulate a business justification for such a transfer in order to lessen the chance of a discrimination claim.

At least one California appellate court has enforced an employer’s conflict of interest policy prohibiting supervisor-subordinate romances. App.4th 525, the Court found that a supervisor’s failure to notify his employer of a relationship in violation of the conflict of interest policy was not protected by the California Constitution or the Labor Code.

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, here are some issues for employers to consider when addressing workplace romances.In addition, by having a policy prohibiting all workplace romances, employees may feel they must hide from and deceive their supervisors and co-workers.This type of “us versus them” mentality is the last thing employers want to foster.Through these and other connections, relationships between co-workers can quickly evolve from platonic to romantic.Certainly, many employees worry about their jobs and what a workplace romance might do to their job security and relationships with other co-workers.

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