Law of attraction dating

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She has written 21 books, translated into six languages.

She has a private psychotherapy practice in New York City, and does phone consultations as a dating and life coach.

When I was dating, if I did not feel good around the person, did not feel good about myself when with them, after seeing them or when I thought of them, I moved along. If you are carrying around thoughts and beliefs that are not serving your desire to have the life mate you want, then you won’t meet them.

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Picture your dating success in detail on a regular basis, instead of scaring yourself.

Otherwise, you can go on a thousand dates and think about how awful men are and why you’d rather be at home alone in bed.

So, do an inner-house cleanse to match your vibration with the kind of dating success you want to attract: If you’d like to meet the love of your life, then it helps to have positive thoughts about dating success, the opposite sex, love, relationships, and marriage.

They are our guide to let us know when we are in aligned with who we truly are.

When we are in alignment we feel happy, powerful, wise, peaceful, appreciative, loving and abundant.

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