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We all have to answer to the same person and the only person who can rightfully judge us GOD.Foolish Black people making comments which show your immaturity & lack of self love or self knowledge.Then Lauren became pregnant with their son less than 2 years later.And now, she's clearing up misconceptions about her and Weezy's relationship (and her relationship with his other baby mamas) as everybody has had an opinion the last few years.People love who they want want to love and some times fall for the wrong person (clearly she did), however, that's there business and something their asses have to deal with, so before everyone starts judging others take a good hard look at ur own fucking life. She had sex, she got pregnant, people said its a one night stand. Lil Wayne's just a egotistical ass that believes he should seed the fucking world and Lauren just happend to be one of those who got caught in the crossfire Amazing how we take the little information that we have and create stories that impact others lives.Some of y'all judging probably doing the same damn thing. View this shit as entertainment and keep it the fuck moving. We only know that she was pregnant,they were together and it was unfortunately unprotected.

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We are all guilty of judging one other but not one of us have a spotless record when it comes to doing wrong. AN LAUREN LONDON IS A BITCH IF YALL LOOK IT UP YALL WILL SEE DAT SHE SLEPT WITH OVER 11 DIFFERENT MEN BEFORE LIL WAYNE NOT COUNTIN THE FEW CELEBRITIES SHE FUCKED AFTER LIL WAYNE.

When judgment day comes are you any better than her? None of us know what actually went on between them.

We all have to answer to the same person and the only person who can rightfully judge us GOD. Lauren is a whore because she had sex and got pregnant from a man she was WITH? And Lauren doesn't need Wayne's money she already had money, maybe not as much but enough to not just want to have a kid by Wayne for money.

Look at what you've accomplished at your age and look at what she has at her age.

Halle Berry had a child out of wedlock, is she a whore also. are halles actions justified because she doesn't have a kid by Wayne or simply because she's HALLE?

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