Kingone wang dating

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The series was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air China Television (CTV) (中視) from 26 June to 18 September 2005 and cable TV Eastern Television (ETTV) (東森) for 20 episodes.

Its been 12 years since publisher TV series because it film tells about family love daughter and son from different relationship.

Qi Yue finally realizes that the person she likes is Ah Mon. In the evening, she sits alone at the playground, crying softly to herself for hurting Yuan Yi. Qi Yue asks Ah Mon why is it always so dangerous to be with him.

Ah Mon replies her that he cannot stop the dangers but he will protect her. Due to their relationship as future step siblings, they keep their romantic relationship in the dark.

Except for some close friends of Ah Mon & Qi Yue, nobody knows of their relationship.

They emphasise they are friends and colleagues with no embarrassment.

Seeing Ah Mon has injured his hand, she offers to clean the wounds for him.

Sitting on Ah Mon's bed and putting medicine on his hand, she realizes Ah Mon is staring at her intensely and this makes her heart pound.

He wants to get rid of Qi Yue so that Ah Mon can be with Li Xiang.

At the school's rooftop, he ambushes Qi Yue and wants to kill her.

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