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She went on to guest star in the television series Cracking Up, Listen Up!

I'm like, 'Oh no let's not do anything wrong' and she's the type that says, 'Get in the car! But, I look up to Kate and her mom because I just think they are happy people and they have just really honed in to whatever it is to have a career and to be just happy.

And, I lost my verification when I changed my name, but working to get it back. People struggled with pronouncing and spelling 'Staub.' Got tired of 'Stab' and 'Stub,' so "Chelsea Kane" makes life simpler.

In part one of Teen's exclusive interview with the starlet, we found out what her first meeting with all three Jonas brothers was like, how landing the role of Stella almost cost her a best friend, and who she looks up to in Hollywood!

It was down to the three of us and I got the part of Stella, which was amazing. CS: It was really awkward because Demi and I weren't really friends and of course she's doing just fine, but Nicole and I were best friends. so when I got the part, it literally almost ruined our friendship.

We went to acting class together, we would spend nights at each other's houses . But, then they were like, 'We want to write in a best friend role and we want to cast Nicole!

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