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Magazine column this week – insisting the pair are “just friends.” Growing tired of being questioned about the television presenter, Pete sent out his message loud and clear: ''People keep asking me if I'm seeing Polly Parsons. ) girl but we're just friends and, to be honest, I think she's probably seeing someone else anyway.

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The estranged wife first saw D'andre, who had been unfaithful to her once before, and Alexandra as a couple during her first X Factor appearance in 2005.The couple were seen together on footage of a 'homecoming' having been voted off the show by Louis Walsh.'When D’andre came on my daughter said, "That’s Daddy",' she recalled.The 40-year-old is seen writhing his hips, while presenter Mel B points in approval.Not to be outdone, Peter rises to the challenge by syncing to Michael Jackson’s Bad.

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