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"A show like ' Entourage' is lifestyle porn, and I understand why people get into that world," Garcia said of the Hollywood-centric HBO comedy. I like quirky." Source: Los Angeles Times last year, his American agent gave him a firm ultimatum.

Unless he began focusing on getting work with the networks, his dream of a career in the US was not going to happen. One month on, he was in Prague filming the lead in a big-budget series pilot.

"So it's something different for us to show that other side of Florida." Passmore's character, while not malicious, is certainly comfortable making others uncomfortable.

"His MO is not to piss people off, it's his defence mechanism," Passmore says.

"Once we decided to base it around aspects of Floridian culture that are unique to the state, the show truly found its voice." As the only other major series filmed in the area, Passmore says the show was eager to shake off the comparisons with .

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He knows that nobody is going to tell him the truth if they are comfortable, so it's that Columbo-esque way of getting everybody's cards on the table and that steps on people's toes." And Passmore's excellent American accent is also something to behold. "I wanted to get Jim's accent right, because he has a different rhythm to everybody else in Florida." Passmore lists a mid-season episode called .

ABC's "Detroit 1-8-7" films in the Motor City, the first network show to do so, and CBS' sitcom "Mike & Molly" revels in its Midwestern working-class neighborhoods.

Cable channels are rife with out-of-the-way settings, including FX's noir-ish "Terriers" in San Diego; TNT's recently renewed "Memphis Beat"; TV Land's first scripted sitcom, "Hot in Cleveland"; and Showtime's "The Big C," set in Minneapolis.

His new stomping ground in rural Florida was only a few hours but a world away from trendy South Beach.

As the crime-solving hero of "The Glades," A&E's most-watched show in its first season, Longworth (played by Matt Passmore) waded through muck in sugar cane fields, investigated a community filled with psychics and dug for buried treasure.

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