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“So, Demi, if you’re ready, we’ll have the craziest wedding,” the alum added. She needs a strong, solid man.” A few days later, Romeo decided to go one step further and remix Demi’s song “Skyscraper,” but not before adding some key lyrics.“And that’s all I’ve got to say, a million wedding. The remix opens with Romeo rhyming, “ A trailer has been released for Dunkirk!!Save the date: Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi's new song, the Spanish-language "Echame La Culpa," is coming this Friday (Nov. The two stars confirmed the details via social media Tuesday night, with Lovato posting a short video teaser of the track and Fonsi announcing its title -- on a bed, with "Echame La Culpa" printed across a pillow.Centuries ago Shakespeare’s Romeo wooed Juliet by pledging his undying love outside of her balcony and whispering such perfectly poetic verses of affection like “Did my heart love till now? For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” Fast forward to 2011 and our version of Romeo has decided to pledge his love via viral video with smooth one liners like, “Once you go black, you don’t go back.” Times have truly changed.When getting stalked by some paparazzi, Romeo said “if ya’ll see Demi Lovato tell her Romeo says hi,” and then continued on with a full-on popping of the question.

In fact, when Lovato called into a New Zealand radio station and was asked if she hoped to marry her beau soon, Lovato was as honest as ever. I think—we will probably wait a little bit longer, but—if he asked tomorrow I would say yes," Lovato said.The topic of marriage was often brought up with these two, and in February, Ellen De Generes made mention that she didn't see a ring on that finger, but Demi wasn't sweating it."We've been together this long..obviously I'm not going anywhere," she said.alum took a chat with Rumor Fix cameramen to the next level today when he was talking about something else completely—and then randomly gave Demi a more-than-friends shout-out."Next time y'all see Demi Lovato, tell [her] Romeo said, 'Hi,'" he started off unassumingly.Although they exchanged numbers, nothing ever happened. “Demi Lovato, if you see this, this is me proposing to you right now,” Romeo pleaded. You know, I listen to Beyonce’s song, when she said ‘put a ring on it,’ so I got you!” After mentioning that he had just Tweeted Demi, as well, to make it “official,” Romeo’s proposal continued. I’ll keep her out of trouble…That’s all that matters.

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