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It is scary how many people go onto these chat rooms under false profiles, pretending to be lesbian women for cheap thrills etc.. More for amusement than anything else, I am in a relationship and am very happy with my partner, however we do log on together sometimes if we are bored and it is a jungle out there..

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I can safely say that 90% of people that we chat to online always turn out not to be the person they claimed to be at the beginning of the conversation..

Online dating can be both fun and safe if you respect basic rules (and common sense).

There a lot of Irish singles just like you looking for the right partner.

We have chatters from Ireland and all over the world chatting about Ireland or whatever they feel like. Please wait till our free chatroom loads at the bottom of this page then enter your nickname in the box, then click log in.

To chat, just type what you want to say, then hit ENTER on your keyboard.

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