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Of course I have many snapshots and typical tourist photos, but none of them reached to the selection." Edie Howe: "Nope. Carry whatever camera you will, but here's the kicker: know how to use it, and know its limitations." Mark Steigelman: "How 'bout ' For grab shots, the best camera is the one you have with you.'" David Zivic: "Well put Mike and a good example of your professed 'my responses are just my opinion.' I look forward to the times when I can choose one of my cameras with lens or two and go on a shooting walk, or to a particular spot for a shot I think I saw.

I also go to a local wild bird sanctuary with a long lens.

' The best camera is the one you have with you.'" This is an Internet truism, and I wouldn't bet the house that I've never repeated it. But really, far more often in the history of photography, great photographers went to great trouble and toil to have the right cameras with them for the work they envisioned in their mind's eye.

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