Intimidating pre game chants

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The next class of song is "swagger." These pump-up songs all have pride-centered lyrics that build up confidence. This music is exactly what it sounds like; what you listen to before a fight.When you go to a sporting event, you're bound to hear at least one chant.Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track and soccer—yes, even soccer—players, can harness the adrenaline rush they trigger listening to these songs to receive a physical edge during competition. There are three classifications of pump-up songs: First, there's the "inspirational" track.The lyrics are the sole focus of this type of song.Others are a flaccid waste of time that make the human experience just a little bit worse.

And the higher caliber of opponent, the more crazy the stadium is likely to be. In sports, there is usually one or maybe two stadiums - that tower above all the rest as being truly legendary. The design, a full bowl with the giant upper decks on either side, keeps it all inside where it belongs.

It’s the coordination of several thousand people to make a very basic, easy-to-understand point.

In war, in peace, and in completely inconsequential stuff like sports, we always need to be heard.

We present the official, no-holds-barred, Extra Mustard sports chants power rankings.

We all have at one time or another bemoaned the importance of getting the Cowboys pumped as they come onto the field.

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