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Yet, there is no doubt that there is a lot more on beneath their surface that needs to be discovered.

Yet, these people are usually unaware of the impression they leave behind, and might not even realize that their behavior intimidates others.

Later he refined his control to make full use of the brushback pitch when necessary.

The Ryan Express hit 158 batters during his career, not counting the beating he gave a young Robin Ventura for charging the mound.

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Namely, these people do not easily open up when they meet others for the first time, and they often appear cold, reserved, and even rude.

Alesha Doan's insightful interviews and observations powerfully portray anti-abortion activists' relationship to the objects of their protest.Feller used his velocity wisely, striking out 2,581 batters and posting a 266-162 record.One of the smallest power pitchers in the history of the game, Martinez (5-foot-11, 170 pounds) made his legend with a tailing fastball, a wicked curve, a nasty change and a whole lotta feistiness.Her portrait is augmented by thorough quantitative analysis of harassment's role within the movement's multitiered strategy—a strategy that Doan shows has forced a decline in the availability and popularity of abortions.Using her unique study of the anti-abortion movement as a model, Doan extends her findings to propose a novel and valuable theory of the new politics of harassment.

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