Interracial dating and family

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Getting a feminine (copared to most black women) white woman, an act previously thought to be impossible.

I don't fully understand why white women want a black man.

First my parents started complaining, than my friends. We are finally learning that the outer shell of a person does not change who they are on the inside.

I believe that interracial relationships strengthen individuals and build harmony between different races. My Grandma is completely racist..doesnt approve at all of my sister ,24, marrying an African American Man, also 24, In May...

I date Asian women and I can honestly say thay tell me I'm much more romantic and give them much more respect than any Asian guy they dated. I mean, how would someone even attempt to preserve something he/she knows nothing about? You don't see lions and tigers mating together, or leopards and cheetahs, yet they are all the same species.

To my surprise, they all like the idea of having a mixed child. Different races were created for a reason and not trying to preserve them is wrong. As a matter of fact I forbid my kids to ever date anyone whom isn't completely white.

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As for granny, well she may never change and thats her right, but truely she is missing out on a million good people out there.

A white man loves the thought of getting an even more feminine, exotic woman with beautiful skin. I'm not American, so I have nothing to do with your racial issues. In my view, (a person of both irish and moroccan nationality), its extremelyyyy racist to make a comment like that whereby your stereotyping everyone of a particular race and painting them with the same brush if ya kno wat i mean.. n that's quite common with a lot of elderly people who haven't been to school in times of political correctness lol :-) I think there is nothing wrong with it.

I date Asian women and I can honestly say thay tell me I'm much more romantic and give them much more respect than any Asian guy they dated. I am in a relationship with someone who is West-Indian, I'm mixed, white and hispanic. I kind of understand why older people have a problem with it.

I think my mom was..after knowing my sisters fiance for 5 years, shes over it and loves robert as well... What is she objected to the guy having tatoos up and down his body ?

I think that no matter race or color, you have one person in the world you are meant to fall in love with... What if she objected to the guy because he was real short ? But as soon as it comes to race, you can't object because you must be racist. Secondly (and this is true) many black men want to impregrnate a white woman because it's the ultimate fantacy.

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