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With instant noodles, instant news updates and instant dating, it’s understandable that we might forget to slow down and smell the roses, but the good people at Lomo have made it that little bit easier for us.Their latest creation blends the aesthetic tones of a time long gone with the instant nature that we crave in our daily grind.The pro button gives information about the pro version of Slinter.Slinter is for free, but you can upgrade to the pro version, this gives extra advantages and you support the development and maintenance of Slinter.

In case you like Slinter and could spare a few dimes, please consider the Pro version, we would appreciate that. For romantic dating, most people would do so anyways, but you can also look for a date to e.g. Your date will see the text you write in about you and your date will see your profile picture, you might want to have that picture look nice. Slinter stores your settings in a database, so they’ll be available next time. You can always end your meeting on a friendly respectfull manner when you figure out that this is not the date you are looking for. Make sure you checked all the languages you speak and at least a few interests. Date Time Formatter.parse(Date Time at org. Date Time Formatter.parse To Builder(Date Time at org.format.If you’re anything like us you probably got super amped over one after picking it up for a song at the local car boot sale.Later that day you plummeted into a deep depression, realising it was only cheap because the film costs the same amount as a small home deposit.

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