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However, as funding for Almo Sounds began to decline, Heap was dropped from the label.In the following period while without a label she performed multiple songs for the film G: MT – Greenwich Mean Time, released two singles, and was featured on guitarist Jeff Beck's 2001 album You Had It Coming.The footprints will also be a part of a special ticket in the box set, which will give fans access to one of the soundchecks on her world tour where they will get to meet the star.Imogen Heap is incredible, so when we heard she was releasing a new song with Dead Mau5, we expected new and exciting things! The famed composer auctioned off one of his Pablo Picasso paintings last year to raise funds for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. She wants to release a new track every three months until she has enough for an album release, to be able to better capture the period in which it was written! Related: Tom Sizemore Dropped From Horror Movie Project To make matters worse, the groping incident took place while Miz Tweeden was asleep. A few more sales like that and we might save art programs across the whole country!!! So, nothing gets us more excited than the prospect of new music from her.Sorry, we may be currently experiencing a high volume of visitors, please be patient and you will be forwarded.

She is known for her involvement in electronic music and as a member of the short-lived project Frou Frou.

album will be available in two different formats - a standard edition and a double-disc version with instrumental versions of all tracks.

The deluxe box set will contain 12 CDs, the album on CD, 14 HD music videos and videos showing the making of the album.

It will also contain a double 10" vinyl album, a deck of playing cards which unlock exclusive content online and a 120-page coffee table book telling the story of the album.

Heap asked her fans who ordered the deluxe box set to help her complete the album by sending in their footprints, which helped create the album cover.

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