Illegally validating microsoft

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In 2006, Microsoft was required to pay 2 million to z4 Technologies for infringing on a product activation patent, Microsoft Product Activation has been cracked or circumvented on numerous occasions since it was introduced in 2001.In 2001, a UK security company called Bit Arts successfully managed to bypass product activation on Windows XP, Since the introduction of Windows Vista, most attempts at circumvention of product activation have focused on using leaked SLP product keys and BIOS information used by OEMs to preactivate Windows.When activation takes place, the program saves a record of the verification data in the user's computer.If the system is booted up with significant hardware changes, the application will likely require reactivation to prevent the same copy of the program being installed on two different systems.Certain versions of Windows and Office are available under a volume license, where a single product key is used for multiple installations.Programs purchased under this license must still be activated, with the exception of Windows XP and all versions of Office released prior to Office 2010.In 2007, a circumvention measure was developed for Windows Vista by warez-group Paradox that simulates the BIOS, allowing leaked SLP information to be fed to the operating system, bypassing activation. In the interest of research, I've been digging into message boards and forums run by unabashed Windows enthusiasts who are intent on breaking Microsoft's activation technology.

Throughout this grace period, the user will be periodically reminded to activate the program, with warnings becoming more frequent over time.

The procedure has been met with significant criticism by many consumers, technical analysts and computer experts, who argue that it is poorly designed, highly inconvenient and ultimately does nothing to prevent software piracy.

When installing a retail copy of Windows or Office, the user is asked to input a unique product key supplied on a certificate of authenticity included with the program, which is later verified during activation.

If you do intend to try this stuff out for yourself, I recommend extreme caution.

My hunt for utilities that bypass Windows 7 activation technologies led me to some very seedy corners of the Internet.

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