Gwibber twitter not updating

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It has two different views, one shows pictures inline with the message, the other has a familiar top/bottom window pane reader – like some email clients – that lets you select message in the bottom pane, and read it in the top pane. I downloaded the source code from their Google Code website and was able to get it to compile after installing as a dependency.

It has two purposes and does them well: Receive updates and post updates. Curiously, there are two buttons that seemingly both just refresh the window.

g Twitter is available in Ubuntu’s universe repository.

It has general features that most clients should have, like reading your friends’ timeline, public timeline, posting, refresh intervals, and showing user avatars in the timeline, which is a nice addition.

It’s probably the most feature complete of them all.

It’s got a timeline with avatars, display notifications, auto-updating, spell checking, and the option to view timelines in 8 different ways: Public, Friends, My, Twitux, Direct Message, Direct Replies, as well as updates from specific friends.

I also happen to be the 2nd user he is aware of using the application.

He’s got some good features coming soon like auto-updating and is open to suggestions from users.

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He actually updated the code and had me test out the latest version which fixed the problem I was having.There is no auto-update feature that I know of, otherwise it works pretty well at what it does. It also happens to be a console client for Twitter, and a pain in the neck to install from source.Twitbar, Twit and Wayd are three desktop clients that gives users a chance to tweet right from their GNOME deskbar…. Twitbar looks like it’s dead due to some GNOME updates breaking it, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get Twit or Wayd working either. It’s a perl script and it seems to work well enough for an application currently in Alpha state.. Create a new buffer and show your most recent messages in it. Create a new buffer show the most recent tweets, and update it every 90 seconds.I found the Twitter “Fan Application” website and sure enough, there’s 12 different Linux apps for me to try out. It just works the way it’s supposed to – this is the KISS principle at work. It provides a simple “Gimme your tweet” box with OK and Cancel as the only options.Due to Ubuntu’s Dash/Bash mixup, I needed to modify the interpreter to for it to work properly.

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