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Two main attacks were scheduled for 4 am in the morning on the Ninth Corps (Parke) and Sixth Corps (Wright) fronts.

A heroic defense of Fort Gregg by a handful of Confederates prevented the Federals from entering the city that night. Result: Union victory Full Summary: April 2, 1865: The Third Battle of Petersburg On April 2, 1865, 150 years ago today, the Third (and last) Battle of Petersburg took place, concluding with the evacuation of Richmond and Petersburg after 9 ½ long months and the end of the Siege of Petersburg.

Before we get to the four main combats during the day (The Breakthrough, Battle of Ft.

All other commands were to be held in readiness to support any breakthroughs made in the main assaults.

Meade quickly shot back a message to Grant at pm, asking for clarification (OR XLVI, P3, p.

397): “Your dispatch says, ‘Humphreys is to push now.’ Do you mean he is to attack to-night?

422), Meade ordered them both to prepare for an assault in 12 hours’ time, also noting that Ord would help.

Humphreys and Ord on the left center didn’t feel like they could successfully attack with their forces.

Neither did Godfrey Weitzel and the 8,000 men he could spare north of the James.

As the night wore on, however, orders quickly changed as Grant reacted to developments out on Sheridan’s flank.

Grant began to worry that Lee would evacuate Petersburg and Richmond to concentrate on Sheridan’s somewhat isolated forces.

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