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From her rough notes it becomes evident that she herse]£ had planned to bring out these books. Her writings bring forth her inner convictions: her style is hrilliant and vigourous, and even the most hack- neyed topics and common-place themes are invested by her pen \ith new power and grace.Islam was the religious form taken by the" national unification of a' number of pastoral tribes in FOO1FA. Mohammed the Prophet of God, was in truth the .greatest nation-maker who has ever appeared.The earliest associations of the Arabs are inwoven with the conception of the tribe as a civic unity, transcending the family unity; and the necessity of frontier-tribal relationships and courte- sies at once suggests the idea of national inclusiveness and creates a basis for national life.Even the twentieth century cannot escape' the conditions imposed by the past. Empire means organisation, organisation whose basis is the consciousness of a unity that transcends the family.

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Two types of empire have occurred within the last two thousand years: one the creation of the fisher-peoples of the European coast-line, the other of the tribesmen of Central Asia and Arabia.

In the one case, the imperialising instinct is to be accounted for by the commercial thirst natural to those whose place has always been on the prehistoric trade-route.

\m S AMONG WOLVES LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS SISTER NIVEDIT A SARANATH BUDDHA AJANTA FACADE THE FIRST SCHOOL BUILDING TI IE PRESENT SCHOOL BUILDING PAGE 480 486 491 499 509 FACING PAGE 66 67 376 377 EDITOR'S PREFACE The Fourth Volume of the present edition of the Com- plete Works of Sister Nivedita includes the following works: Footfalls of Indian Historv Civic Ideal and Indian Nationality (Civic and National Ideals) Hints on National Education in India Famine and }ilood in East Bengal in 1906 Lambs among Wolves.

in which the concluding paragraphs referring to the Home of Service were omitted.

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