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We have numbers - we’re the executives of the future.

So as a businessperson, it’s only smart to be inclusive in order to be able to program for diverse communities that make up this country,” Hernandez added.

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Rita Moreno, at center, Norman Lear to her left, showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett, in black and actress Justina Machado, all part of the winning show "One Day At a Time" at the Imagen Awards, Aug. Winners at last night’s Imagen Awards included multiple wins for the Netflix-original, “One Day at a Time.” Based on Norman Lear’s 1975 hit show by the same name, the show took home the Best Comedy- TV award, Best Young Actor-TV category with actor, Marcel Ruiz, who dedicated his trophy to Puerto Rico, Best Supporting Actress-TV with Isabella Gomez, and Best Actress-TV, Justina Machado.Back then it was a luncheon with about 75 Latino actors.Last week, it was all about Latino creativity, talent, and pride with heavy hitters like Rita Moreno, Diego Luna, Lin-Manuel Miranda, America Ferrera, and host Aida Rodriguez.How can you discount Rita Moreno and Justina Machado for “One Day at a Time,” or Gina Rodriguez and Andrea Navedo for “Jane the Virgin," said Hernandez."Were it not for Imagen our people would go unnoticed.When you look at who’s in the ballroom, it’s not Latinos, it’s executives from HBO, Netflix, CBS, NBC, Disney, so our message is going directly to the industry and saying look at what we are and who we are." said Hernandez.“We stay positive because we have a lot on our side.

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