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Maxine made a lot of money and became a lanlady and employed the women from the building to work for the website.

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Susan goes to Principal Hobson to get her job back but he refuses due to what she did with Va-Va-Va-Broom, Susan tells him that she will eanr the respect of the parents back and he tells her that that will be a start to making up for appearing on the internet in her underwear.Stacy then shows up at Susan's apartment in the middle of her show and the two engage in a catfight on air which is broken up by Maxine who sends Stacy back to her room, very mad at her.Some major changes are put into Va-Va-Va-Broom when a new invester takes over and wants to create a huge add campaign for the website, Susan is not happy about this.Stacy Strauss, who usually gets the check, is not happy about this and accuses Susan of stealing her bit, putting a feather duster in her mouth.Later, Stacy steals Susan's vacuum bit and so Susan brekas into her apartment and messes with her vacuum, In Stacy's show, she is sparyed with the vacuum's dust, spoiling it.

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