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No – if your life is truly of immeasurable worth, then it’s truly your job to protect it – right?If you truly believe that your life is of infinite value, while that of someone who risks their life aunion contract?Words Have Meanings: No, the reason is this: without the right to defend one’s home, family, property, community and freedom from both crime and tyranny, then “citizenship” is meaningless.The word “citizen”, going back to its Latin roots, means someone who has the ability to govern oneself; one who is him/herself a microcosm of government – someone who has the means at hand to govern themselves, and to participate in and consent in their own government.Running into a few customers that we sell by the package.

Even Glocks have gotten “democratized”; it’s possible to buy aftermarket lower frames that allow one to soup up a humble Glock 19. Being Necessary For The Security Of A Free State: Of course, none of the above were the proximate reason for the 2nd Amendment – which was to allow The People to defend their lives, families, property and communities against encroaching tyranny. ” the usual response goes – which strikes me as a bad attitude for a citizen of a free society to have even while they’re still “free”. There are two answers to that old chestnut: The right to keep and bear arms helps ensure that an attack on freedom will be an attack on the standing army.

Nick Meli was a regular schnook with a Glock on 12/11/2011 when Jacob Robert walked into the Clackamas Mall in Portland, OR with a rifle and a couple hundred rounds.

He killed two – and then saw Meli pointing his permitted Glock at him. The focus and concentration are a poor man’s Zen meditation.

And if you take away any of the means by which a “citizen” governs, what happens? No – it’s like taking away a hydrogen atom and wondering why you don’t still have water. I will no more vote for someone who promises to abridge my role as a – than I’ll vote for someone who vows to send Jews to camps in Idaho. ” They’re kind of expensive, and I dont’ wanna think about what it’d cost to practice with any of ’em.

When a citizen can’t govern him/her self, then they’re no longer a citizen. Observing the Second Amendment is one of the key differences between being a citizen – a consenting party to one’s own governance – and a subject, one whose life, liberty and property exist by the good graces of their ruler (or ceases to by the ruler’s bad graces, often enough). Details: “What – you think citizens should own cannon? But since we’re arguing out in loopdieland, I’ll bite.

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