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When you update your status, talk about more than just your writings.

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By doing these things you will find that many of the bloggers you contact will become friends. I stole that line from a writer named Jon Acuff who started a blog, a parody of Stuff White People Like, and parlayed that not only into a book but a new career.So, if you are courageous enough to write a book and crazy enough to promote it in the marketplace, allow me to give you some suggestions.Some of what follows is based on successes I’ve had, and some of it is based on mistakes I’ve made. Make social media your friend, or at least your begrudging ally.Here’s a post for those of you struggling with the question of how to promote yourself and your work (and who isn’t, in an era that seems to call for the constant announcement of one’s own existence? But my book is in its sixth printing (so, we can safely assume there are at least six copies in print) and has sold more than twice what my publisher predicted, and that owes in large part to the effort I have put into book promotion.The days are over when an author could relish the quiet days of writing a book, then pass it off to their publisher who would do the dirty work of promoting it.

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