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Instead, you have to go to the office of the Brazilian Policia Federal in Guaíra town, at the roundabout (Address: Praça Castelo Branco, s/n - Centro, Guaíra - PR, 85980-000, Brazil.Telephone: 55 44 3642-9100), which has super irregular opening times. From there it's a short walk to the 3600m bridge crossing from Paraná state to Mato Grosso state, where there's a semi-functional police control from where one can hitch the 12km to the actual Paraguayan border. The noman's land is about 6km long, but you can catch a ride in between with friendly Paraguayans to Salto del Guaíra, where you again have to find some office to get your check-in stamp.Interstates highway have different names, depending on the state you are in.For example, if you are in the state of Santa Catarina, the interstate highways are read as SC-###.Some Brazilians consider their country violent and dangerous, in part due to the media's love of seizing stories and exaggerating them.In Brazil, hitchhiking is referred to as pegar uma carona, taking a ride.

Areas with just one national highway are much easier for reaching your destination.

Truckers who use that route generally have to stop and get their papers stamped at a window.

The staff are generally hitchhiker-friendly, so you can stand outside the window with a sign or ask the drivers for rides.

If you press the bell, someone might open the gate and you can start the check-out process. This is a tiny shitty office with a well-hidden "Migracion" sign located on Avenida Bernardino Caballero c/ La Paz, Ciudad de Salto del Guairá (Telephone: (595) 046 - 243 536) with a permanently bored employee who will ask you how long you'll stay.

Again, there's very irregular opening times, so you might have to stay the night to get your stamp. Enjoy the amazing kebab-like streetfood (about €0.90) on the Paraguayan side!

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