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The press reported at the end of 2008 that a government official has announced that the site would be "toned down" following criticism by the media.

"Professional of sex" is described as follows: "They [the sex worker] works on their own initiative, in the street, in bars, night-clubs, hotels, harbor, highways and in garimpos (gold prospecting places).

Their leader, ex-prostitute and sociologist Gabriela da Silva Leite, said that she had classes with sociologist Fernando Henrique Cardoso at University of São Paulo, who later became Brazil's president.

The government's website on sex workers Brazil’s Labor and Employment Ministry Primer on Sex Professional, which describes sex work as labor, has been the source of controversy, with some accusing the government of encouraging professional sex work.

The houses might be illegal, but aren’t unusual in Brazil.

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However, this is not the purpose of the site at all.This is very unusual practice and is followed very rarely elsewhere in the world.The country was inhabited by mainly semi-nomadic tribes before the arrival of the colonialists, therefore you can find multicultural practices in the center.The federal deputy Jean Wyllys presented, in 2013, the Gabriela Leite Law Project.A project that aims to regulate the sex worker profession and rights.

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