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Currently, I'm in Europe and there are plenty of people.

Not necessarily what I'm looking for but they're there. You can't respond or read a message fully unless you're a gold member.

I tried to talk to seven separate people just today that showed as being on line...

I have five of their phone numbers, when they did not answer I rang them...

It is a sham and leave it andcertainly never ever pay for it. Women post saying they are from your area, then they give you some line how they are working overseas in Africa or some other place, they chat you up and when they think they have you believing there is some kind of connection, wham out comes the hook and they give you some sob story and want you to send them money.

And if you say no they just keep at it trying to make you feel like a villain.

i am still looking for a relationship with a lady so i have a wile ago on this website i have meny messages from lady's that looking for but i mean wile thea try to scamed me asking for money to send to them i'm not looking for to be scamed no i'm looking for my tru love and still do my conclusion don't go on this website you will being scamed by scammers that fake have profiles to have alot of money to live on I read a few reviews and agree with what was said.

You *can* get dates and meet up with people no matter where you live.

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Ladies, I don't recommend aff, unless you want a man nobody else wants either!!Just thought I'd add my two cents about AFF: Joined a few months ago and met some nice girls on AFF.None of them was superhot but they were okay looking.I'm being a lil' more generous thank usual with this as I hookup up with a girl recently, but aside from that it's a bit meh.To think I only gave an 8/ 10 when I wrote a review for that & ive had more sex through that site than any other!

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