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Nous recommandons que tous nos utilisateurs optent pour la version Flash du chat (actuellement utilisée).

Seuls les membres premium peuvent voir les webcams des autres membres.

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When asked in a Gamehugs podcast (via finder) whether we'd ever see Whore of the Orient, a former producer for the project answered "I don't think so". "We were going to use that tech and we were going to create a game set in the 1930s, maybe 1940s, of Shanghai.Vous pouvez également activer Flash en appuyant sur l’icône de puzzle dans le coin supérieur droit de votre navigateur.Vous utilisez actuellement la version Flash du chat : elle comprend toutes les fonctionnalités et est optimisée.When we got wrapped-up." Whore of the Orient had a troubled development and hasn't made any public noise in a while, which never bodes well.The last we heard was in 2013 when a Chinese Councillor was planning a Human Rights Commission case against Whore of the Orient for the use of Orient - a derogatory term - in the title. reportedly pulling out of a publishing deal for Whore of the Orient months earlier, resulting in lay-offs and a halt in development.

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