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And because texting doesn’t result in an angry person answering on the other end, many people feel more comfortable texting at any time and in any circumstance.The result is a decrease in privacy and social boundaries.Even worse, they may lose their ability to modify their tone and style depending upon who they talk to.Many employers complain that entry-level hires have no idea how to send a business email or communicate appropriately to superiors.However, things become complicated when Mariah grows attached to Emma and wants their arrangement to become a permanent one.Will Emma be able to walk away from the life she always loved and a girl who desperately needs her?Texting encourages rapid-fire, single-sentence thoughts, but this style of communication isn’t conducive to face-to-face communication.Consequently, people who text a lot may be more uncomfortable with in-person communication and may even use their cell phones to communicate with people who are in their presence.

People know they’re using improper grammar when they text; it’s merely a shortcut that enables them to relay a message quickly and effectively.Texting is real-time communication but is not in person.This creates an odd situation in which people feel compelled to respond immediately via text, but they aren’t really participating in an ongoing, progressively deepening conversation.Texting has, in many ways, made communication easier by helping people avoid long, unpleasant phone conversations and making a quick “Hello” much easier.According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of teenagers text regularly, and one in three sends more than 100 texts per day.

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