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“People thought it was hilarious and afterwards journalists asked me how it felt to be ridiculed.But, as the expression goes, I would have the last laugh.” Prohibition for buyers had been on the political agenda in Sweden for some time, as far back as the 1970s.There’s no point.'” A proposal has been backed by a majority in the French Parliament after politicians compared the Swedish model with attempts to regulate the sex industry in the Netherlands.Meanwhile, Finland’s Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson is currently pushing for an anti-prostitution law similar to Sweden's.Both Finland and UK law currently prohibit buying sex from victims of pimping or human trafficking.“We fought tooth and nail and said there’s no way to prove a woman has been coerced,” said Anne Dannerolle, co-founder and chair of trustees of the Lighthouse Project, which has been working with prostitutes in Hull, northern England for the past 16 years.

“We cannot reduce demand totally but we fare better than other Nordic countries when it comes to statistics.” While assessing the law’s success from a statistical standpoint may be difficult within the clandestine depths of the sex industry, what is crystal clear is that this single Swedish law has captured attention from all corners of the globe.“Responsibility remains with those who demand because they are the ones that really have a free choice. But I would ask why the hell do you want to pay for something you can get for free?” Sweden’s feminist movement agreed and backed the introduction of the law in terms of tackling violence against women.During that time, and as part of her involvement within the UK-wide charity Beyond The Streets, Dannerolle has met around 500 women and has campaigned in favour of the Swedish law.“Not a single one of those women wanted to be there,” she adds.

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