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o Database Triggers User-defined PSQL modules that can be designed to fire in various connection-level and transaction-level events.

o Global Temporary Tables SQL standards-compliant global temporary tables have been implemented.

It is possible to use the information from the monitoring tables to cancel a rogue query.

o Remote Interface The remote protocol has been slightly improved to perform better in slow networks once drivers are updated to utilise the changes.

o Define PSQL Variables and Arguments using Domains PSQL local variables and input and output arguments for stored procedures can now be declared using domains in lieu of canonical data types.

The program has high performance due to direct connection to source and destination databases (it does not use ODBC or any other middleware software).The update procedure performed either way will not require any additional registration. You may use the product as long as you like because EMS software licenses are perpetual and once you buy a license, you own it.However after your Maintenance is expired, your software version will not be supported any longer, i.e.o LIST() function A new aggregate function LIST() retrieves all of the SOMETHINGs in a group and aggregates them into a comma-separated list.o New Built-in Functions Dozens of built-in functions replacing many of the UDFs from the Firebird-distributed UDF libraries.

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