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Inspired by National Fountain Pen day, we’ve created a new forum at the Absolute Write Water Cooler.Analog Tools is about those non-digital, non-computer tools we writers love to use, including fountain pen, other pens, pencils, paper, and typewriters.But color can be fun, as well as useful, for for editing or for distinguishing one version from another (draft in blue, edit in red, new draft in purple, etc.).

If you are you want to write with a fountain pen, consider one of the highly respected quality “starter pens” under .00.Amped Docket Gold pads or Red ’n Black Notebooks usually work well.The nib is the metal part of the pen that contacts the paper when you write.Look for paper that is at least 70gsm; less will bleed or feather or otherwise fail.If you’re writing rough drafts or person notes that aren’t to be kept indefinitely, HP 32lb Premium Paper (you can print your own lines if you want), I’ve found Mead Composition books made in Vietnam, or Mead Five Star notebooks with a Fine or Medium nib fountain pen are usable (if not viable for the long term) with most pens and inks, especially if I only use one side of a page.

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