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Molivdovuly bosporskikh episkopov iz Khersona [Molivdovuls of Bosporus Bishops From Cherson]. iz Sugdei [Byzantine Coins of the Middle of the 10th Century From Sugdeja]. Vernadsky, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Russian Federation Abstract. A comprehensive analysis of the sources shows that during the 10th-12th centuries Bosporus, or Bosporan Kingdom, was an important strategic point of the Byzantine Empire in the Northern Black Sea. Notitiae Episcopatum ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae / J. - Paris : Institut Français d'Études Byzantines, 1981.

Photii Patriarchae Constantinopolitani Epistulae et Amphilochia / Rec. Whether it's by air or by sea Golemo Travel Service offers a wide range of shipping options to Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, England, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Russia (Russian Federation), England, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, as well as Moldova.Maximum size of all airmail packages is 40"x30"x25". Regesten der Kaiserurkunden des Oströmischen Reiches von 565-1453. The Place of Crimea and of the Kerch Strait in the Strategy of the Middle Byzantine Empire (7-12th Centuries) / A.

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