Everquest updating video drivers

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You may also launch So D from within the Transgaming Cedega GUI, by selecting the Game Folder, the Shortcut and pressing 'Play'.

It's semi-likely that So D won't run entirely perfectly at first - however, remember, it does work perfectly, you will just have to tweak some settings.

The native windowing of the client is far superior to what you used to need to do.

The Distribution and their philosophy Ubuntu is based on a stabilized and frozen fork of Debian Unstable with desktop and system administrative additions provided by the distribution maintainer.

As an ATI r420 user, disabling entirely the use of ARB_VBO allowed the game to work perfectly, while leaving most other things enabled or 'default'. Wine version 0.9.44 or 0.9.50 only, use of the newest version of wine recommended, fall back to an earlier one only if needed.

Wine is a free, open source 'compatibility layer' for Windows apps you want to run in Linux. Version 0.9.45 through 0.9.49 all have some sort of bug that was finally fixed randomly:

This is no longer the case, as of Wine version 1.1.4, and perhaps sooner, although untested, Wine supports use of the standard windowed mode of the Ever Quest client.

It is unknown at this time whether newer versions of Cedega have imported the fix.

Your So D game folder can usually simply be copied over to your Linux drive/partition and the game will run without any problems.

When using version 1.61 of Gunders patcher, you will have to kill some broken processes and then run the game separately.

Hopefully in the future Gunder will make it possible to not run the game automatically after patching.

So D will run in Linux as well as it runs in MS Windows. The two most common (and most likely to work well) are Wine and Cedega.

Notes: Before you attempt any method, you must ensure you have your graphics card correctly installed and that 3D acceleration is working.

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