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It is a track I love and there are particular parts of it I really like.For instance I enjoy the first sector, which is high speed for corners one, two and three and even into four and five. Then the last sector becomes tight, twisty and technical. On top of that I really like the city of Barcelona and look forward to staying there.The circuit itself is one we are well acquainted with, having completed all of our pre-season testing there.This circuit provides a very challenging test of the car's performance, particularly the aerodynamics through Turns Three and Nine and the suspension through the third sector.

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You need good downforce for the high-speed sections, and you also need very good traction in the last sector.It's a track we all know really well after testing there so much so all the engineers have a lot of data and knowledge about it.I personally like the layout, especially the first sector with turns 1-2-3, which have added value thanks to the fastest cars this season.Six of the top 10 albums on Spain’s top albums chart are Spanish.That’s nothing new in Spain -- where domestic artists tend to dominate the chart published by Spanish music industry association Promusicae -- but it still can seem surprising in our ever more globalized music world.

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