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There were two that were stuffed pretty full, but the other 10 were mostly flat.

– I introduced Mr Napping to the kit with a little note, explaining what was in the kit and how to use it.

You know the basics of this: one date for each month of the year.

There are various levels of preparation you can choose from.

In this modern-day musical at the New York Theater Workshop, a group of musical 20-somethings reinvent the song catalog of Burt Bacharach.

Your parents and in-laws will be nostalgic for classic love tunes like Don't Make Me Over and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.

Niece and Nephew Gifts Last-minute gift: This year, it's all about gifts that stimulate kids' minds With all the hoopla surrounding Goldie Blox—a new company that produces engineering toys geared toward girls—it's no wonder they're mostly sold out this year. You can head over to Amazon and nab Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine in time for holiday delivery. They come in six delish flavors—including vanilla and peppermint—and best of all, you can pick up the gift set at your local store in a pinch.11th-hour gift: If you're really running low on time, hit up your local nursery and pick out a rosemary tree.

Not only does it look like a tiny Christmas tree, but it also bears fresh herbs that your pals can cook with all winter long.

British couples can receive a message from the Queen for a 60th, 65th and 70th anniversary, and every year after that.At least, you think he won't know...11th-hour gift: Need something for Princess Paws to open under the tree?How about Tropi Clean Spa Lavish Facial Cleanser & Tear Stain Remover Pet Shampoo.– There is also an information sheet inside each envelop detailing the date and how to carry it out. It also had a cheap card game I picked up at the thrift store. Mr Napping had a coupon for a free game from a hole-in-one a while back. It’s a treat and this was one of our splurge dates.It was in good condition and I guess we’ll find out if all the cards are there the first time we play it… I put in that coupon and a bill to cover the cost of the other player. I was able to use some credit card reward points we had and got a gift card for Fandango. This one will hopefully cost less than out of pocket when we use it. It can be a whole dinner with cheese fondue and bread for appetizers followed by an oil fondue to cook meat in and concluding with a dessert fondue.

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