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About a minute later the commander transmitted a Mayday Call and advised they were evacuating.

Fire fighters arrived about one minute after the aircraft came to a stop and began to immediately apply foam.

All occupants evacuated via slides, 13 passengers received minor injuries, 10 were taken to hospitals, 3 treated at the airport. A firefighter attending to the aircraft lost his life.

The airline reported: "Emirates can confirm that an incident happened at Dubai International Airport on 3rd August 2016 at about 12.45pm local time."United Arab Emirates Government confirmed an Emirates aircraft arriving from India suffered a crash landing at Dubai Airport, all passengers have been evacuated, there are no reports of injuries.

The aircraft touched down, however, the nose was not lowered onto the runway and the aircraft appeared to climb away again, the gear was retracted, however, the engines did not spool up.Then there was a heavy impact, oxygen masks came down, the aircraft skidded shaking violently and immediately filling with smoke and came to a stop.All doors were opened, it appeared however not all of them were used for evacuation.Suddenly the aircraft hit the ground tail/belly first, at the same time the right hand engine caught fire, and the aircraft skidded to a halt, smoke filled the cabin, only at this time the passengers realised the seriousness of the situation. A ground observer reported EK-521 made a normal approach with the landing gear extended, touched down hard and went around, the gear was retracted, however the aircraft appeared to lack power and sank back onto the runway.(Editorial note: The Aviation Herald noticed the lack of a significant detail in the narration of passengers mentioned above, there was no mention of sounds of engines spooling up).

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