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She needed time to reflect on past events how things got so messy as started 6 weeks ago.Jane walked in her office at Harrison and Parker, uncertain, as what the day had in store for her, she greeted by Teri, hand her a donut and coffee, she said,"Hey there, Boss.""Good morning, Teri.""Grayson, is your office, he wants to speak with you privately."Jane smiled, "He does,""What is that smile about.""Nothing, Teri, just happy to know Co-worker, wants to see me, hey Teri, go why do take a coffee break.""Really, it sounds like you are trying to get rid of me, Jane.""Not at all," Jane lied, "You've been working hard, and you deserve a break, it is my treat." Jane giving Teri 20 bucks.

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Then she and Grayson, walked out of her office, Grayson winked at Jane, as went to his office.When I saw his first scene, my thought was oh no, here we go, this is a watered down version of his Californication character.And the first thing I noticed was his characters name Liam just like his son, I wonder if that was weird for him.You might not be sleeping with him, Jane, but you’re still giving it away.” The question is, does anyone want Jane and Grayson together at this point?I keep going back to what Fred said last week when Jane asked him if her thinking Grayson could do better than the waitress meant that she thought he could do better than her when she was still Deb: “Well, you’ve changed…. We’re told Medlin’s character will be sticking around for the remainder of the season (only three more episodes to go! I’m hoping they continue to make him the perfect match for Jane (Brooke Elliott) and, in the season finale, it’s Grayson who realizes he feels more than friendship and tells Jane so in the final moment.

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