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I have not been able to determine with any certainty why the Heights Bar at Loughinisland was chosen.We do know that the claim made by the UVF at the time that it was an attack on active republicans, was completely false.Incidents prior to Loughinisland murders Prior to the Loughinisland murders there were a number of terrorist incidents, going back a number of years, which I believe are of relevance to the events at the Heights Bar on 18 June 1994.Available intelligence on these murders reflected the existence of an active UVF unit in the South Down area.The attack on Loughinisland was sectarian as the targets were members of the Catholic community.Importation of weapons in 1988 However, an understanding of what happened at Loughinisland begins with the importation of arms by loyalist paramilitaries in late 1987/early 1988.This is particularly the case in relation to the failure to retrieve imported weapons from a farm owned by James Mitchell.

However, it is a matter of significant concern that Special Branch failed to pass on intelligence into the activities of loyalist paramilitaries thereby protecting these individuals, who continued to commit serious criminal acts, from effective investigation.A limited amount of this intelligence was passed to the investigators of the individual incidents.The UVF unit was not the subject of a policing response sufficient to disrupt their attacks.The investigation by my Office has sought to answer this and other important questions raised by the families of those who were killed and injured.Let there be no doubt, the persons responsible for the atrocity at Loughinisland were those who entered the bar on that Saturday evening and indiscriminately opened fire.

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