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It promises to double your chances of getting a date, and, hopefully, scoring too, right? Whilst there is content to be gleaned, it doesn’t provide the kind of dating illumination that its title promises. It’s difficult to summarize a training course like Double Your Dating because it’s so devoid of any real character or sense of self.

It has a catchy title but goes onto have content that’s not never really focused beyond broad strokes and content seen before.

Does the approach stand a chance of working for the average Joe?

That is why training that purports to ‘Double Your Dating’ is bound to be appealing for many guys.

It’s a game to them, and you need to play on your terms and show who’s boss. De Angelo tells guys to ask themselves questions like, ‘“How would I walk if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside? Exclusivity (royalty, already married, hard to get, etc.) Those first five make for a depressing list in that there’s not much most guys can do about being rich or powerful or famous – or royalty for that matter.

” and “How would I talk if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside? In Chapter 2 guys are told that it’s okay to be a man. He offers advice on everything from the look guys should strive for to how to wash and groom themselves to even the cologne they should wear – including a list of the ‘best’ colognes for guys. Because women notice these things, and skanky and poorly groomed just doesn’t cut it with women (well, at least most women, right? He also tells guys how to get up to speed on such stuff as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Timeline Therapy, as well as read books like by Tad James. Thankfully, the most important attribute is #6, i.e.

The approach here is based on a few stock imperatives.

First, guys need to understand that women are completely different to them, and that includes their expectations of what they expect when dating, being courted, etc.

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