Do your daughter dating loser

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thankfully, she still confides much to my husband...I tend to loose my patience with her inability to tell him to 'take a hike'.Take her to a family and relationship counselor who can discuss strategies for spotting and breaking free of abuse, while still treating her like an adult and respecting her right to make her own decisions.My daughter had everything going for her, career, great life, etc.

My daughter's boyfriend: 30 year old Mama's boy who lives at home, works a part-time deadend job, no education, 10 years older than my daughter, subtly manipulative, enjoys his responsibility-free lifestyle.

we're here when she needs a shoulder to cry on (the latest episode she didn't even admit to the loseer that she came home to vent) but still not ready to break away.

he's dropping hints that he doesn't want her to do certain adventures and blaming her lack of self esteem (which HE eroded) to be the reason - this is because HE can do no wrong and waiting for HER to break up with him (but she's still addicted).

Invite her friends over or take them out as a group to do enjoyable activities -- without the loser.

Help her stay in touch with the people she loved before her partner came along.

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