Dita von teese dating louis marie de castelbajac

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I think what I love about it is that it can be this thing of great beauty and womanly elegance that you have in your everyday life.

So I really wanted to bring beauty and glamour and fit and function all in one package in an accessible way.

I was dating a Frenchman a few years ago [Count Louis Marie de Castelbajac] when I first made the perfume and he confessed to me that I wore the same perfume as his mother. The [bottle design] is based on a lot of vintage perfume bottles that I have in my collection and books.

And that was around the same time I approached to make my own, so I got really into the process. I have a big library full of vintage references of makeup, perfume, lingerie, everything. I used to collect egg cups but not so much anymore. I have a gown that belonged to Gypsy Rose Lee that she wore on stage, the most famous one.

I started working really early on because I wanted to be able to buy my own stuff. That’s my big goal: To figure out how can I make things that have like nice lines under the clothes, and that have good shaping. You can learn how to do anything, if you just zero in on that one thing you want to be great at--whether you want to have a great cat eye or want to be able to do a certain hairstyle you admire, you just got to practice it and you can be as good at it as anybody else. I don’t spend much time on beauty, usually its just mascara, a little powder, red lipstick, hair in a chignon, done.

What's the most uncomfortable thing you've had to wear?

I found myself lowering my voice to match hers and sitting up a bit straighter. Still she opened up about stealing bras from her mom when she was little, buying her first training bra, and getting ready in 15 minutes (she swears that's how long it takes).I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to wear lingerie.And then my first job was working in a lingerie store.The elegant Dita Von Teese's marriage to goth rocker Marilyn Manson came as something of a surprise.But it seems that she's turned her back on the shock singer type as the divorcee stepped out with a real gentleman - a count no less.

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