Disaster movie im dating lyrics

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My favorite part was when Matt Lanter was making like Hayden Christianson in Jumper.

He ends up falling on Prince Caspian’s sword, who then says, “It’s the guy that ruined Star Wars.” The movie is desperate for jokes.

See full summary » A spoof of vampire-themed movies, where teenager Becca finds herself torn between two boys.

As she and her friends wrestle with a number of different dramas, everything comes to a head at their prom.

With almost no plot and few laughs, this film looks like it was made up as they filmed it.

At one point, Enchanted Princess car jacks Speed Racer and shoots him several times till he is dead.

They then find Michael Jackson in the trunk of the Mach 5 and ½, with a little boy and a chimpanzee.

They are fast and they are furious and they plan to double cross LA crime kingpin Juan Carlos de la Sol who ... She's overweight, spends forever working at her fathers diner, and believes she will always be lonely. Before they can have their dream wedding, they must meet each others parents and survive the scheming Andy. Is that why your beautifal face had to be seen on screen in this joke of a parody movie?

This movie tries too hard to be funny, and at sometimes its okay (the Pimp My Ride scene comes to mind), but honestly.. I can't say I was disappointed, it was beyond that.

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