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Where is the evidence for either millions of years of slow and gradual deposition—which would have failed to preserve these creatures before they could fossilize—or of weathering—which would have eroded ruts and rills into the top of each layer?The strata's layer-cake appearance looks instead like many strata were deposited in rapid sequence.Also, oil continues to push upward, being less dense than water.After only hundreds of thousands of years, Earth's oil should all have finished its vertical migration through rock strata, since all rocks are porous.But oil wells continue to gush with underground pressure.Last, how can one conceive of burying that much algae beneath that much sediment without a recent catastrophe of global proportions?If you aren’t deaf yourself, it’s natural to think about what the best way to ask them would be.Many people outside the deaf community don’t realize that hearing ability is on a spectrum in the deaf community, and that folks who are deaf don’t all use the same forms of communication.

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If you are in a life threatening situation, do NOT use this site.First, dinosaur fossils occur alongside many living creatures that belong to this current age, including palm, ginkgo, and sycamore trees; frogs, turtles, crocodiles and lizards; snails, clams, and fish; dragonflies, spiders, and lobsters; Tasmanian devils, shrews, and otters; ducks, loons, and parrots.Second, dinosaur fossils occur in sandwiched rock strata with little or no erosion between layers.Do Earth layers really present as clear a "record" of millions of years as Robertson so assertively persuaded?Robertson referred to an age of dinosaurs including a Jurassic Period, "radiocarbon dating," and oil as three icons representing millions of years. For example, fossils confront the notion of a Jurassic "age of reptiles" in at least three ways.

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