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The top 5 also includes Novosibirsk (Siberia) and Krasnodar (South of Russia).The number of foreigners visiting these cities has increased by 25% and 28% respectively in 2016.So, what are the other Russian cities that attracted foreigners this summer?As it has been said, the majority of travelers prefer to visit Moscow. This summer the absolute number of tourists visiting Moscow has increased by 39% as compared to the same period of the last year, reports. Petersburg is the second most popular destination among the tourists from foreign countries.

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The number of tourists from the Great Britain nearly doubled this year.But how many Russian cities except Moscow and Saint Petersburg can you name?If you didn’t know, the country has around 1100 cities and more than 150,000 villages and towns.Combine fun with exploration and discover why so many men state that if you have been with a girl from the former Soviet Union, you will never go back to dating local women!August Sangret (28 August 1913 – 29 April 1943) was a French-Canadian soldier, convicted and subsequently hanged for the September 1942 murder of 19-year-old Joan Pearl Wolfe in Surrey, England.

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