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Israel's president Reuven Rivlin himself congratulated the couple, whilst denouncing Lehava's incitement as akin to 'rodents gnawing under the shared democratic and Jewish foundation of Israel.'At the wedding of his own daughter in 2014, Mr Gopstein said were an Arab waiter to be found at the venue, the waiter 'would likely be looking for the closest hospital', according to the New York Times.Gopstein was also questioned by police in 2015 after he condoned torching churches in Israel, in accordance with a mediaeval Jewish commandment to destroy places of idol-worship.I did it because we must fight in every way attempts to discriminate among people because of their race, colour, sex or sexual preference,' Mr Yaalon said.But Mr Yaalon's words did not result in a ban and in August 2015, Israel's internal security agency, the Shin Bet, said it is lacking the conclusive evidence to outlaw the group.“If you know a girl who is involved with a goy and you want to help her, press 2,” the voice recording says.The service then asks for information about non-Jewish men who are in relationships with Jews.

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Traditional Hebrew names take the format of the person’s first name and that of his or her mother, so the women listed on the hotline cannot be identified.“If you know of a goy who masquerades as a Jew or is harassing Jewish women, or of locations where there is an assimilation problem, press 3.” “The purpose is to submit immediate reports about girls who are going out with Arabs, and about Arabs who are pretending to be Jews in order to catch Jewish girls in their net,” the chairman of the Lehava organization, Bentzi Gupstein, told Walla, claiming that each report was acted on immediately, as a matter of life and death.“We approach the girl in question and tell her about the life that awaits her with the selfsame Ahmed who at the moment is calling himself Yossi,” he explained.', were shouted at the wedding near Tel Aviv of a Muslim man and Jewish woman.Arabs account for some 17.5 per cent of Israel's eight million population, and are descendants of Palestinians who remained on their land following the creation of Israel in 1948.

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